About The Show

The Auckland South Home Show is an esteemed event dedicated to showcasing the finest offerings from South Auckland’s home improvement, renovation, and remodeling industry. Created by David Grieve and Denise Langlands, the show aims to spotlight local businesses and provide homeowners with a platform to discover innovative solutions.

Recognizing the rapid growth and development in South Auckland, David and Denise understood the need for a local home show that caters to the community’s unique requirements. Their own experiences in home remodeling inspired them to create an event that simplifies the complexities of home improvement projects. Thus, the Auckland South Home Show was established as a comprehensive resource and a one-stop-shop for all things related to transforming homes.

After a successful decade, Shyam and Julie joined David and Denise as co-organizers, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas to enhance the show’s offerings and reach. Together, they curate an exceptional lineup of exhibitors, presenters, and industry experts, ensuring visitors have access to the latest trends and insights in the home improvement industry.

The Auckland South Home Show aims to empower homeowners with knowledge, inspiration, and resources to bring their dream homes to life. It is a belief that everyone deserves a living space that reflects their unique style and enhances their quality of life.

Join us at the Auckland South Home Show to immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities. Explore new ideas, connect with industry experts and local businesses, and unlock the true potential of your home. Whether you have plans for a small renovation or a complete home makeover, the Auckland South Home Show is your ultimate destination for all your home improvement needs.

We are excited to welcome you to the Auckland South Home Show and be a part of your home transformation journey.

Warm regards,

The Team at Excel Exhibitions